Authored By- Shivani Sharma

The main reason behind the constitution of Dark web was to provide a protection layer for the conversation of individual.
Tracing the time, two individuals in 1990’s developed dark web in order to safeguard the secrecy of sensitive communication of US spies.
They drove efforts to establish an encrypted network and to attain anonymity.
They wanted to create a secret network that won’t be easily accessible to any of the ordinary being surfing surface web.
Briefing About The Past
Internet was created in 1983, by Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn, for military purposes but later on, it’s use expanded, the computer devices did not had any medium of communication prior to that. In 1960s the invention came about in part because of increase in computer needs. Till 1990s it was mostly used for every other work, than there the role and regulation of “Dark web” started.
Dark web does not have any major cons- on first look, but as we dig deeper into web the more we get trapped, like a spider in its own net.
Before, Dark web’s main purpose was to provide military spies a protected medium for communication, now also it is used to store various important details of public. Government keeps eyes on people through dark web.
If a person secretly thinks that they are doing a illegal act without anyone, noticing it, than he is mistaking out rightly, to be true there is nothing private as such when one surfs surface net.

The true face of dark web became visible when a dark net market operator was caught. Ross Ulbricht was arrested for running the Silk-road market that dealt in trade of narcotics and other illegal sales which included child pornography, skimmed data, and weapon of vivid category and various other businesses were included. He was sentenced for life imprisonment twice plus 40 years without possibility of parole.
                            So, does that mean this all was over?
                             No, there are now thousands of such sites which include red- rooms, skimmed data, hacking hubs and infinite number of such illegal trades.
Dark web is not accessible to everyone as it requires huge network of VPN, Tor and what not as hacking is just like desert served after meal on dark net. Even if one enters a chat room and do want his identity to be disclosed, even than also the person on the other side can on one click hack your computer and can easily in a swipe wash your all data out. So, accessing dark web is not only formidable but also may cause identity hazard.
In India, accessing dark web is considered legal; Supreme Court has declared access to internet is a fundamental right. United Nations recommended that every country should also make accessing internet a fundamental right.
 On the same side
·         India is the biggest market place for dark web users as compared to Australia and South Africa.
·         In May, 2020 Shiny hunter tried selling 73 million users on dark web.
·         In April 2020, there were half a million of zoom accounts that were sold for less than a rupee on dark web.
It is legal in India to surf on dark web because it is not only used for criminal purpose, but if a person is caught for such acts, on that note, there are loads of law under which the offenders can be held liable for punishment, Section 65- 78 of Indian Information Technology act, 2000 deals with such cases which include:-
·         Section 66- Computer related offence.
·         Section 66(b) - Punishment for dishonesty receiving stolen computers.
·         Section 66(e) – Punishment for violation of privacy.
·         Section 66(f) – Punishment for cyber Terrorism.
There is infinite number or rules and regulation specifically established for such sever offences.
How Has Dark Web Popularised Itself In More Of Criminal Areas?
Since, its inception the focus was on to provide privacy to US spies, but various terrorist also got a platform where they could easily encrypt their conversation too.
Prior to the era of dark web terrorist could not communicate via normal networks as they were often traced by intelligence bureau of various county, Moreover they could not find funds to carryout there operation as a result of which they started Trade of unlicensed weapons which earned them profit, and if someone could have bought than unknowingly, they might have assisted them.
Crypto And Its World

Dark net is a place where one can secretly and easily transact any sum of amount without any legal bar. Crypto currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and various others can be the medium of exchange.
These currencies are not regulated by any country but are recognised to be brought under tax stab.
In Indian budget 2022 or say, Union budget 2022 details for the Crypto that, “India introduces 30% Crypto currencies Tax and it will be charged On Income from the transfer of virtual digital assets”.
El Salvador is the first and only country that has declared Bitcoin as legal tender after president received approval from Congress. It has adopted crypto currency as medium of payment.
On the other hand, there are various countries which have put ban on crypto currency.
Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Algeria can be some of the example.
Why Banning Of Cryptocurrency Is The Best Decision That A Regulatory Body Can Take, In The Favour Of Socio-Economic Aspect Of Their Country?
We know that crypto currency is decentralized digital money (medium of exchange) that is based on block chain and is secured by cryptography.
So, if one transacts through crypto than on the first place the transacting body will be secured, hence, not traceable and on the other hand the receiver will stay anonymous.
§  If a country legal tenders crypto currency than at first place that country will have to let go there original currency and will have to thoroughly revise their exchange policy.
§  But if, country chose to set double medium of exchange than firstly, it will be very critical to interpret the structure of regulation. Secondly, since the interpretation is very critical, the regulation will be impossible to interpret.
§  Legalization and regulations of such currencies will indirectly open various channels of illegal activities. Since, the generation will be anonymous there won’t be any track for detecting flow of such money.
So, a regulatory body should not only list the pros but should also analyze the major cons.
There are various ways in which one can enter the huge web of dark net and since it is 96% of entire internet it is so huge that it is impossible to count facts of dark web and its world.
As afore discussed dark web is like a world where access is easy but exit is beyond control, dark web may have pros but one should not neglect the cons dark web is like a maze, its end is impossible to detect as its origin is undefined.
We may conclude and suggest that access to dark web should be banned for public use and should only be used by government for public interest which may result in the stoppage of illegal practices by rogue persons.