Russia – Ukraine Crisis: A call for amendments and amelioration of International Law By : Sara Suresh

He current Russia – Ukraine crisis has raised certain intrinsic questions as to the existence and efficacy of International Laws and Organizations. Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation President, in his imperialistic speech declared a special military operation in order to protect people who had been abused by Genocide for eight years under the Kyiv regime and shall strive to demilitarize and de-nazify Ukraine and bring those to justice who had committed crimes against the civilians of Russian Federation. Paradoxically, Mr Putin has cited international law to defend his blatant illegal actions. But these justifications are laughably weak, erroneous and absurd. The present crisis has posed a question as to the existence and enforcement of international law if Russia can still use military force and invade Ukraine. Formation of the United Nations has created new order of International Relations, placing its bedrock on the sovereignty and integrity of a nation. The member countries of the United Nations are duty bound to not interfere with one another’s domestic and internal affairs, as apart from violating the UN Charter, it leads to circumstances which threatens the peace and security of a nation.